Russell Turns 70

Hello friends.  It has been awhile since I last posted one of my scintillating blog posts. Problem is that I have not been traveling very much to locales that may be of interest to the masses.  But, much has happened during the timeframe from July until this post so I will give you a quick update and inform you about a momentous event in my life.  So, here goes.

Russell’s 70th Birthday

Yes, you read that right.  I have now entered the age of the elderly.  Or, as I prefer to say, I am now an elder.  But I really do not feel like it.  The golf ball does not travel as far, it sometimes takes me a few moments to remember what I thought about saying, but most bodily functions are normal.  So, how did I get here one may ask.  Many years ago on a cool fall evening, I was born.  I don’t really remember it well.  But the location was Birmingham, Alabama.  My parents were all of 20 years old at the time — babes in the woods.  A few years after I was born we moved to Jacksonville, Florida where I grew up – camping, water skiing, scouting (I achieved Eagle), serving as senior class President (graduating class of 650 or so) and enjoying life.  After graduating from Terry Parker High, I now needed to decide what to do with my life.  So, off to Auburn University thanks to my Uncle Jerry who had attend Auburn when it was Alabama Polytechnic Institute.  I wanted to be an astronaut but that was set aside due to my eyesight.  One thing lead to another, graduated from Auburn with an Industrial Engineering degree, had a beautiful daughter in Florence, SC, still could not figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up but then…Once I was nearing 30, I found the true love of my life, Dr. Brenda Marie Tanner to who I have been with for nearly 40 years. True happiness.  We moved around a bit, but mostly in Virginia except for a short stint in Myrtle Beach. We are now settled in our Dragonfly Ridge home in Madison, Virginia.

My lovely lady surprised me for my 70th birthday.  I had only requested that I go hiking and to dinner with our friends Bill and Annabelle Dietrich with whom we travelled to Scotland.  But Brenda managed to have our friends from Philadelphia (Doug Campbell and Claire Beaumont) drive down for the evening, and our friends from Charlottesville, the Duke’s and Dewitz’ join us for dinner a Pomme Restaurant in Gordonsville – a great restaurant by the way. Notice the ruddy cheeks on yours truly in shots from the evening.

The Gang’s All Here
My beautiful lady friend, wife, lover

My birthday celebration happened to be the weekend of the Montpelier Races where everywhere I went people were telling me Happy Birthday.  What a day!

But that is not all dear friends, before my official celebration, Brenda, my brother, and my daughter conspired to host a celebration in August at my brother’s farm in Alabama.  We had an absolutely fabulous time!  All of my brothers immediate family and mine were there for the long weekend.  Words cannot express the good times that were had so here are the pictures.


Birthday Bash in Bama!

I have been truly blessed in my life to have so many wonderful friends and a family that truly love each other.  Here’s to 70 more wonderful years!

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Having decided to "retire", I am embarking on a new venture focused on travel, trips, history, wonderful food and wine, and fun. Hopefully you will be entertained, enlightened, and enriched with my posts from the mid-atlantic to overseas.

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