When you think of Lynchburg, what do you think of?  Probably not a very interesting place to visit, right?  But, you’d be wrong. Did you know that Lynchburg boasts several colleges and universities  – not just Liberty.  There is Lynchburg College – LCwhere my lovely bride and I met, Randolph College, Sweet Briar (just up the road in Amherst County), and Central Virginia Community College.  So, it is a very good place to get your education.

But, the town and county, Campbell, offer much, much more.  Brenda was visiting to run in the Centra Health 5K Race for the Cure this past weekend.  She shared the time with our niece Michelle.  They finished the 5K in under 56 minutes, a milestone since this was Michelle’s very first walk.  Here are the proud finishers.


But, I digress, for you my readers, what would you do in Lynchburg that could occupy your time?  First of all, begin your weekend by staying at the Craddock-Terry Hotel located downtown.  The hotel began its life as a shoe company around the turn of the century.  It was the first shoe company located south of the Mason-Dixon line.  At one point, the facility produced 2500 pairs of women’s shoes per day.  And now, the building has been graciously restored into a fine hotel listed as one of the Historic Hotels of America.  The hotel is pet friendly as evidenced by the hotel mascot, Buster – as in Buster Brown shoes.  Here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite.

Buster, the Hotel dog


And you may not want to travel far to dine for the Craddock-Terry has two very good options for lunch or dinner.  First there is Waterstone, fire roasted pizza.  On the night we were there, there was a one hour wait but we went back later and tried the Wild Mushroom and the Margarita, both excellent choices.  If upscale is your mood, then you can try Shoemakers (aptly named) for a little upscale Bistro dining.  Then just up the block you could try Robin Alexander where we have dined twice and each time the food was very, very good.

But, there is more to do that sleep and eat.  So, after you have eaten, perhaps you’d like to walk or run off a few calories. Lynchburg would be the perfect place to do that, being that it is called Hill City.  To give you an idea, here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what they mean.

Want to stay fit like these two? Jog the steps!
Try going from the fountain to City Hall without losing your breath.  Bet ya’ can’t do it – I know I can’t.

Fountain below the step
So, for you people that don’t want to take the steps there is always the elevator.  When was the last time you saw an elevator to get from one street to another?

Elevator in the City?
Elevator in the City?

But, there’s more.  Want to try some handcrafted chocolates?  Or a European Sipping Chocolate?  Then head to Cao Artisan Chocolates at 908 Main Street.  What a treat!  I couldn’t stop with just one truffle, I had to have eight.


On Saturdays, like so many small towns, Lynchburg has begun a Saturday market.  But unlike others, it has more than just produce, breads, and meats.  There are craftspeople and musicians too!  Literally you can find whatever you need!  And part of the market is indoors!  Here is the fountain at the market.


I could go on and on, Lynchburg is a great small town where Brenda and I met, dated, married, and lived.  To get more information on all the wonderful things to do in and around Lynchburg, I encourage you to visit:

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