Update on Grelen/Montpelier Trails

Hello everyone.  This is Zeus, proud owner of Russell James, the supposed author of Travel with Russell.  But I occasionally like to contribute.  So, this will be brief.  On a recent wet weekend, I took Russell and Brenda for a short hike between The Market at Grelen & Montpelier.  Very nice, mostly flat, through the Grelen nursery and the fields at Montpelier and in-between the forested area.  It was during our walk in forested area that we noticed quite a number of fungi/mushrooms.  Here are some pictures for you.  Let me know if you know what they are; I certainly do not have a clue.


This one below I do know.

Indian Pipes
Indian Pipes

Along the way, you see berries, some wild (feel free to pick) and some not (you can pick and pay at the market office).

Wild berries
Wild berries

The views at Grelen are beautiful so here are a couple for you to enjoy, some with my underlings, Brenda & Russell.


On other days you can enjoy picking peaches but by the time you get this, they may be all gone.

The trees are loaded.
The trees were loaded with peaches and now with apples.
Grelen Views
Grelen Views


We saw a number of these critter homes along the woodland path.


By the way, the trail is well marked.  Here is the trail poster at Grelen and the market between Grelen and Montpelier.  And a view from the Grelen patio where we enjoyed music and dinner a recent Thursday evening.

Trail Map, Grelen
Trail Map, Grelen


Grelen Patio
Grelen Patio

As promised, this one was short and sweet.  Hope you enjoyed it.


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