My first blog

Many people have been asking me to start a blog.  Guess they think I know something about travel, food, and wine.  I really don’t, I just enjoy them and like to tell others about the great fun and food I experience.  Some people ask me where to go eat, some people ask me to help them with planning a get-a-way or a vacation.  I am always eager to help.  Some of the places you might get to visit through my blog include the Grand Strand – not just Myrtle Beach.  Trips to Europe will be included, we visited Scotland this past Fall.  And then there is always Virginia, home to most of us in the US if you research  So, check back often, tell your friends, share the posts, and have fun.

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Having decided to "retire", I am embarking on a new venture focused on travel, trips, history, wonderful food and wine, and fun. Hopefully you will be entertained, enlightened, and enriched with my posts from the mid-atlantic to overseas.

5 thoughts on “My first blog”

  1. What a terrific idea, I think you’ll find some faithful followers! Looking forward to hearing some great travel tips and ideas.


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